One of my biggest interests in life is music. Listening to music, playing music, singing (in secluded places) and I have even written a bit.

60s Kay Acoustic I started out on the guitar when I was about 8 or 9. My dad had an old Kay brand guitar in a cardboard guitar box in the closet.  It looked very much like this one I found on the internet.  I remember the sharp edges on the neck, a sure sign of cheap manufacturing.  I finally started taking lessons but I didn’t really like ‘lesons’.

Sears1969CatalogGuitarIn my early teens I got a Sears “Silvertone” electric guitar something like the one shown here.  It had to endure some ‘modifications’ along the way, like a small distortion circuit mounted internally and controlled from the front of the guitar.

I had the requisite “garage band” experience as a teen and then just touched on it peripherally for many years. I got a beautiful brown Fender Telecaster Deluxe in high school and felt so out of music in the late 90’s that I actually sold it and now I miss it. I put an ad in the paper once, looking for it. In (2009) I bought an ’05 RI (reissue) model that looks just like the old one (but it feels like a new guitar). Someone told me once “Never sell a guitar”. I thought it was extreme, but now…

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