The Great Pool Project (also called “Don’t try this at home”)

Let me give you the highlights of the The Great Pool Project that I’ve been working on for the last five years.

Photo of pool

Photo of pool

Back when (in 2004), it was a yard with a swing set, trees and a shed.

The backyard 'before'

Trees and shed

Gibson and Lucas on the hammock

Gibson and Lucas on the hammock

Someone at work put their above-ground pool up for sale on the employee classifieds. It was huge and only $800. I had always wanted a pool and this looked like the right ‘deal’. They even let me do ‘lay-away’ payments. And so it was that I bought and installed the largest above ground pool you can buy

'The Hill' at 3/4th level bottom

Man, shovel and wheelbarrow.
I didn’t want to rent a Bobcat so I dug and leveled the yard by hand.

Before I buried the trees with fill dirt I put brick ‘wells’ around the them to keep them from dying.  I used water as a tool to find out how level the pool actually was becoming.

Two of the trees had to go to make room for the pool. One was Nicole’s lovely peach tree.

Nicole's peach tree, bearing fruit.

Nicole's peach tree, bearing fruit.

I kept it maintained for 5 years and then last year the liner cracked.  Pool liner damage

Pool gone and moving out This year I decided to sell it and get my yard back!

With a shovel and a wheelbarrow and hard work!

Just level and add grass.

Pool hole almost gone.

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