‘Jap Strat’ purchased on eBay

Another addition to the Hering family in 2004 was this beautiful Stratocaster. It’s a sunburst colored mid-1980’s vintage Japanese made (MIJ) Fender Stratocaster that I found on eBay.  Much against my better judgment I bought it (you’re supposed to play them first) and I was quite pleased. It has a somewhat rare Fender System I tremolo that was built by Shaller (Wikipedia) who also make my favorite guitar strap locks.

Photo of Strat bridge

Photo of Strat bridge

The photos on the “Strat Bridge” page mostly represent my effort to find parts to complete the guitar. It was missing the ‘locking nut’ locks and a screw from the bridge.  I still haven’t purchased the original whammy bar, mostly due to the fact that a piece of tape makes a regular one work and the only place I found having one wanted $45 for it!  (Okay, I have to confess, I went back today and found one for only$25.  Maybe the other one was on eBay, or maybe my memory is just in error!)

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